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With an undying commitment to quality in terms of construction, as well as design, Dewhurst & Associates has "built" themselves a following that few competitors can rival. With over one half of a century in the industry, and as La Jolla's oldest and largest construction company, Dewhurst has developed a team of talented architects, draftsmen, journeymen, and artisans who share a common passion for the home building industry.

Specializing in high-end residential projects, Dewhurst & Associates is responsible for much of the work that beautifies our coastal communities throughout Southern California. With a varied portfolio, this company is no more stereo-typical than the photography shown herein displays. Yet a common thread throughout their work holds fast; to design and build a home that will stand true to its character and endure with sophistication fleeting trends that pass over time.

Delivered with a level of integrity that is rarely found, the homes that Dewhurst & Associates has designed and built speak volumes about a company whose reputation has left them high on the list of San Diego's most well-respected contractors. For more information please call (858) 456-5345.

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