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“Dewhurst and Associates has repeatedly been an indispensable as well as generous contributor to La Jolla High School, and we would like to take the opportunity to send our countless thanks and appreciation. Again, thank you very much for your generosity and willingness to help year after year.”

La Jolla High School Class of 2004
November 2003

Dewhurst & Associates is San Diego County's most celebrated and experienced custom home builder. Founded in 1929 by an outstanding English craftsman, Dewhurst's legacy of quality homes is unrivaled. Visit the Gallery of Homes to see examples of the attention to detail and quality of finish achieved by their wonderful team.

Dewhurst provides the owner with a single cohesive team with which to work, providing comprehensive service from preliminary drawings to completed construction. The award-winning design department is an experienced team of architects with the background and resources to make your vision a reality that is built to last. By teaming the architect with our talented construction personnel, Dewhurst provides the property owner efficiency, continuity and accountability in planning and construction.  Communications between design and construction personnel, experienced at working together, results in more effective transformation of design concepts into construction reality.

  • Reduces Total Project Delivery Time. Design documentation can be reduced due to direct collaboration of thecontractor and architect. Construction on some phases of the work can begin with later phases of the project design still in process.
  • Reduces Change Orders. Swift and informal internal communication can take care of problems that would have become change orders under the traditional project delivery methods.
  • Lower Total Project Costs. Design/Build is "cost-effective." Reducing project delivery time saves construction overhead costs and, for the owner, saves project financing costs. Less time may also be spent on construction administration due to collaborative decision-making, resulting in the owner getting more for their dollar.

Over the years, Dewhurst has worked with many wonderful designers.  A "bridging" strategy allows them to work with an owner's designer, or bring in a designer with a special expertise to come up with the preliminary design concepts and then these design concepts are turned over to the Dewhurst team to provide construction documents, engineering and construction.

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