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Left to right - Don, Doug, Dave

Designing and building quality, custom homes in the La Jolla area has been Dewhurst & Associates' specialty since 1929. La Jolla's oldest construction company, Dewhurst & Associates is a family-owned and operated design/build firm serving the greater San Diego area and surrounding communities. Today, 89 years after Ernest Dewhurst came to La Jolla, his grandson and great-grandchildren continue to maintain the integrity, quality of service and workmanship that he established in the construction of custom homes.

After turning over the operations of the company to his son Walter in the mid-40's, Ernest worked alongside his son until he retired in the late-50's. Under Walter's direction, the business continued to prosper through the years. In the mid-70's, Don joined the firm representing the next generation of the Dewhurst legacy. He worked side-by-side with his father, Walter, until he turned the company over to him in the early-90's. After Walter's retirement in 1996, Don continued to be involved with the daily business operations. Keeping with the family tradition, in 2006, Don's twin sons, Dave and Doug became CEO and president, respectively, of the family owned business. Together at Dewhurst & Associates, the family continues to provide quality construction of new custom homes, remodels and repairs.

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