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San Diego Magazine - September 2003
Home-of-the-Year Winners - International Style
Photographer Jim Brady

Dewhurst & Associates' spectacular remodel of a mid-century, international-style home on a sweeping La Jolla hillside captures the Builder/Contractor category. The original spirit of the minimalist style has been enhanced by utilizing custom teak windows and doors.

The design called for a new teak deck, adding warmth and richness that were previously absent, says architect Dan Sehlhorst. The home is only 2,300 square feet, and the added deck gives it a more spacious look. "It was a total interior/exterior remodel," he says. "We took it down to the studs and started over." A new entry was created while maintaining the pole-support feature. While much attention went to the new windows, a view-blocking solid front door also was replaced by glass.

The abundant and dramatic addition of windows and glass in doors focuses all eyes on the view. To cut glare from late-afternoon sun, laminated glass with low-emissivity Azurite was set in laminated teak vertical frames. Hidden window coverings, controlled automatically, offer privacy, blackout and/or sun control. Interior design was completed by the homeowners, assisted by designer Ronald Searfoss.

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