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Remodeling Magazine - May 1996
"Dewhurst & Associates"

The words "full service" take on new meaning at the Dewhurst brothers' $10 million-a-year design/build firm. While about 80 percent of the company's annual volume represents remodeling--and its typical remodeling job is in the $250, 000 to 3000,000 range--the Dewhursts also do some new construction. They work with outside architects. They do maintenance work, structural repair work and foundation work. They have a kitchen department. On the commercial side, their jobs include churches, hospitals and tenant improvements. In short, they do it all. The Dewhursts' business, and their business growth, has been client-driven from the start. Says Don, "We do whatever the clients want us to do."

Full-service remodeling and design/build service
67 years in business
1995 volume: 10 million
Staff: 31 field, 16 office

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